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Call for papers 1st Annual Meeting Europe in the World - “For Peace !” (1849-1939)

1st Annual Meeting Europe in the World

“For Peace !” (1849-1939)

Venue: Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Coimbra

4-5th April 2013

Opening lecture by Maurice Vaïsse

Call for papers

The meetings Europe in the world are the result of a partnership between the CEIS20, of the University of Coimbra, and the IHC of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University of Lisbon (UNL). These annual meetings will generally take place in April, they will have a central theme and will incorporate a broad range of participants.

"For Peace!" (1849-1939) is the topic chosen for the 2013’s meeting, included in the centennial of the First World War Anniversay Program , organized in Portugal by IHC and coordinated internationally by the Imperial War Museum, London, from which the IHC is partner.

In the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century the ideas of peace and the pacifist movements dominated the general concerns in a context where precisely World War I would erupt abruptly and brutally...

How did then the pacifist effervescence coexisted with the outbreak of this conflict on a global scale?

To what extent did this escalating conflict prompted the pacifists, who organized themselves into various movements, making their propaganda in magazines and newspapers, associations, foundations, conferences...?

The 1st Annual Meeting Europe in the World will be held on April 4-5th 2013 at the Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Coimbra. The international conference “For Peace!” (1849-1930) seeks to become an open and interdisciplinary discussion forum, dedicated to the presentation of research and reflections on conflict prevention and conflict resolution, the international system political architecture, peace agents, peace culture, and also the aesthetics and art... Besides that, the conference will also analyse national and international scientific developments regarding the concept of peace, since the first half of the nineteenth century until the 1940s of the twentieth century.

The conference will gather invited speakers and a selection of proposals submitted trough a call for papers. Therefore, we invite all researchers to participate in this conference, sending a paper proposal that may be included in one of the following topics:

·         Peace and pacifism
·         Pro-Peace movements
·         Ideology and political movements
·         Art and aesthetics of peace
·         Peace and cooperation
·         Federalism and universalism
·         Religion and secularism
·         Women and peace
·         “For Peace !” – campaigns and dissemination

Proposals’ selection will be guided by the purpose of ensuring maximum quality and diversity of research.

Submissions: from the 20th January to the 14th February 2013

The Final results will be announced on March 1st 2013.

Please send a 700 words (max.) proposal, with the title of the paper, author’s affiliation and a one-page CV to, in one of the following working languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French or English.

Each presentation will have no more than 20 minutes.

Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro (CEIS20-FLUC)
Maria Fernanda Rollo (IHC-FCSH)
Alice Cunha (IHC-FCSH)
Ana Paula Pires (IHC-FCSH)
Isabel Valente (CEIS20)
Joana Dias Pereira (IHC-FCSH)

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